I want you to read and print this conversation out and discuss this with Brooke.  It just so happens your sweet girlfriend has been going around your back and mine and making promises and whispering sweet nothings to more than one person.  As much as you ask her.....as much as you put it in her face she's going to deni over and OVER and OVER again.  The times she says she was visiting Emily in pawnee and her phone connection did work......those are the times she was with me in Bloomington.....and you'd be amazed at how many times she's visited me and the things she's done with me!!!!!  I'm the so-called spick.....i'm the guy who saw you at the Gap.......i'm her secret lover.....and i also feel sorry for you.  I truly believe Brooke Robinson is a horrible person who needs to be dealt with by simply never associating with EVER again.  I know about the keith thing, the dave thing, and you probably know about me.....Elliot.  I was her damn secret lover.  I had to freakin park my car at schnucks and at various restaurant's to be with her in springfield so you wouldn't find out.  She's been doing all this to you.  And this conversation you are about to read is just days old so don't fall for any of her....."that was awhile ago" bullshit.  No this is like a week ago.  Now she's going to deni EVERYTHING.......she's gonna cry her tears.......all that shit!!!!!!  Don't fall for it anymore......she'll do it OVER and OVER and OVER again to you.  Do us all a favor and don't deal with her anymore.  Here it is.....in the attachment.



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iLLwee: hey
Lilgurrl504: hi
iLLwee: how are u?
Lilgurrl504 signed off at 2:37:16 PM.
Lilgurrl504 signed on at 2:46:33 PM.
iLLwee: i can always be your friend ok......regardlesss
Lilgurrl504: seriously elliot
Lilgurrl504: i love you
iLLwee: i know i love u too....
iLLwee: ok i shouldn't have said that
Lilgurrl504: god fuck i thoguht we were working things out fine
Lilgurrl504: i thought.. seriously.. summer would roll around and boom we would be together happy times end of story
iLLwee: together?
iLLwee: aren't those the times u stray?
Lilgurrl504: boyf girlf... good times
Lilgurrl504: those are the times i make relationship changes
iLLwee: why then......why do u always have this date in advance?
Lilgurrl504: so obviously a change would be me and you together together
Lilgurrl504: date?
Lilgurrl504: it is a season
Lilgurrl504: SUMMER
Lilgurrl504: cause i can focus
iLLwee: then these past 2 months......what? didn't work for u?
iLLwee: focus?
Lilgurrl504: huh? it is so hard to actually be your girlf
iLLwee: didn't seem like u were focused last summer
Lilgurrl504: it is too much pressure for me
iLLwee: ok i understand that
Lilgurrl504: wow... who cares.. seems like you didn't fuckin focus at school
iLLwee: i tried....i really did
Lilgurrl504: but you have changed
Lilgurrl504: so have i
Lilgurrl504: god damn
Lilgurrl504: i have learned from mistakes
iLLwee: but u let a one situation become 2 months
Lilgurrl504: obviously nothing to be learned from this
iLLwee: u never forgave me.....u never tired to make it better
Lilgurrl504: i haven't held the dustin situation over your head at all
Lilgurrl504: i did TOO
Lilgurrl504: why did i come see you!
Lilgurrl504: why did we go to western
Lilgurrl504: wy did we go to u of i
iLLwee: u just felt comfortable with me close but not tooo close
Lilgurrl504: fuck you
Lilgurrl504: i had the warm feeling
Lilgurrl504: that is love
Lilgurrl504: i love you.. the type of love where i could see myself marrying you one day
Lilgurrl504: ya know
Lilgurrl504: THAT type of love
Lilgurrl504: cause i respect you
Lilgurrl504: hence why i would never do anything behind your back
Lilgurrl504: god damn!
iLLwee: u reallly mean that?
Lilgurrl504: mean what?
Lilgurrl504: of course i could see myself marrying you one day.. hence why i love you
iLLwee: u're the only person who bring tears, hehe
Lilgurrl504: always
Lilgurrl504: god why would you question tht
iLLwee: ok
Lilgurrl504: "underneath the clothes.. there's the man i chose"
iLLwee: yes i do love you too
iLLwee: i don't know what to do
Lilgurrl504: you have already chosen elliot
iLLwee: why do u said these things now?
Lilgurrl504: now?
Lilgurrl504: they were always implied.. when i say love.. i mean fuckin LOVE
Lilgurrl504: love til the end
iLLwee: yes......when this happens
iLLwee: can i at least see u in person this weekend?
Lilgurrl504: no
Lilgurrl504: elliot
Lilgurrl504: you want it fuckin over
Lilgurrl504: you chose that
iLLwee: not entirely...
iLLwee: but i understand
Lilgurrl504: god last nite.. i would have driven to you..... but i would have been a fuckin wreck
Lilgurrl504: and i felt so sick
Lilgurrl504: all sniffly
iLLwee: i know babe
Lilgurrl504: right
iLLwee: that's why i do want to see you
Lilgurrl504: yea
Lilgurrl504: we'll put it as a maybe
iLLwee: i always saw myself married to you.......but it was only everyday that you reminded me that i was foreign
iLLwee: i never knew u felt that way
Lilgurrl504: who cares god damn.. i obviously DON"T have a problem that you are fuckin foreign
Lilgurrl504: geeZus
Lilgurrl504: well i need to go
iLLwee: ok well then.......maybe i can see this weekend
iLLwee: yeah me too
Lilgurrl504: elliot i honestly saw Brooke Kong
Lilgurrl504: haha
Lilgurrl504: i guess that was wishful huh?
Lilgurrl504: bye
iLLwee: haha......baby
Lilgurrl504 signed off at 3:02:54 PM.

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